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Twentieth CenturyTextbook Article Atlas, Allan (author)Ralph Vaughan Williams's Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisSignificant Works
RenaissanceTextbook Commentary Atlas, Allan (author)Cornago: ¿Qu’es mi vida preguntays? (four-voice version (Commentary) by Allan AtlasCommentary
RenaissanceTextbook Commentary Atlas, Allan (author)Arcadelt: Il bianco e dolce cigno (Commentary) by Allan Atlas 
RenaissanceTextbook Commentary Atlas, Allan (author)Bull: Walsingham (Commentary) by Allan Atlas 
MedievalTextbook Article Bain, Jennifer (author)Genre and Hildegard of Bingen's Ordo VirtutumSignificant Works
ClassicalTextbook Commentary Barrettara, Danielle Bastone (author)Mozart: Don Giovanni, K. 527, Overture (Commentary) by Danielle Bastone BarrettaraCommentary
RomanticTextbook Article Bass, Richard (author)Harmony and Key Relationships in Romantic MusicMusic Theory
BaroqueTextbook Article Brody Christopher (author)Analytical Approaches to Baroque MusicMusic Theory
MedievalTextbook Article Clark, Alice V. (author)Guillaume de MachautMajor Composers
Twentieth CenturyTextbook Article Clifton, Keith (author)Claude DebussyMajor Composers
RenaissanceTextbook Article Coluzzi, Seth (author)Music Theory in the RenaissanceMusic Theory
MedievalTextbook Article Cook, Karen (author)Cantigas de Santa MariaSignificant Works
MedievalTextbook Article Cook, Karen (author)Comtessa de DiaMajor Composers
MedievalTextbook Article Cook, Karen (author)John Dunstaple (Dunstable)Major Composers
BaroqueTextbook Article DeSimone, Alison (author)Musical Migration: The European Impact of Corelli’s Op. 6Significant Works
ClassicalTextbook Article Fick, Kimary (author)C.P.E Bach’s Fantasia in C MinorSignificant Works
RomanticTextbook Article Franke, Matthew (author)Giuseppe VerdiMajor Composers
RenaissanceTextbook Article Grapes, Dawn (author)Wiliam ByrdMajor Composers
BaroqueTextbook Article Hagen, Emily (author)Claudio MonteverdiMajor Composers
Twentieth CenturyTextbook Article Heap, Matthew (author)Genres and Forms in the Twentieth CenturyGenre and Forms
BaroqueTextbook Article Hieb, Kimberly (authorGenres and Forms in the Baroque EraGenre and Forms
BaroqueTextbook Article Hieb, Kimberly (authorGiulio CacciniMajor Composers
BaroqueTextbook Article Hurley, David (author)George Frideric HandelMajor Composers
RomanticTextbook Article Jones, Joseph E. (author)A Topical Survey of Nineteenth-Century Music by Joseph E. JonesSurvey
RomanticTextbook Article Kim, Cindy L. (author)Verdi’s La traviata: The Fiasco, the Furor, and the Singers Who Caused BothSignificant Works
MedievalTextbook Commentary Laurance, Emily, et al. (authors)Anonymous: Ave virgo virginum (Commentary) by Emily LauranceCommentary
MedievalTextbook Commentary Laurance, Emily, et al. (authors)Beatriz de Dia: A chantar (Commentary) by Emily LauranceCommentary
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