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The Online Music Anthology is an extensive collection of music and articles designed expressly for music history and theory courses. A‑R’s Online Music Anthology contains hundreds more pieces of music than traditional print anthologies, all beautifully edited and newly engraved. A multi-author approach brings you articles by top scholars with new and varied perspectives for your students.
Just some of the benefits include:
  • More than 600 pieces of music (over 7,000 pages) from antiquity through the romantic era.
  • Pre-set course packs give you a fast start to preparing your syllabus or customize your own unique course quickly and easily.
  • Substantial price savings compared to print textbooks and anthologies.
  • Available two ways - by direct subscription to students or by library license.
  • Free full access to registered course instructors.
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The A‑R Music Anthology lets you create the exact custom textbook you and your students need for each course and class. Easy to set up, easy to modify. Start with our pre-set course packs or watch our videos to learn how to create your own. It’s fast, flexible, and fun.

Kendra Preston Leonard
Easy-to-follow instructional videos get you off to a fast start. Explore the depth and breadth of the A‑R Online Music Anthology and learn how you can build a course pack that’s just right for you. The full collection of music and articles is always available to select from. More help is available from our staff through personal webinars and one-on-one training.

How to Use Pre-Set Courses
Choose from any of the pre-set music history and theory courses to get started. Each one includes a representative selection of music, along with a survey article to quickly bring students key insights and understandings. The pre-set courses offer a great starting point for you to build your own custom courses. Quickly add or change music pieces and articles to create a learning path just right for your class.

MT04-Form-Analysis: Romantic (Music Theory)
Our blog is here to help you explore all of the content the Anthology has to offer in new ways. The news, interviews, and tips you find here will be sure to enrich your ARMA experience.

Content Guides are now available to use with your students.

Watch for announcements about new content and features.

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"The A‑R Online Music Anthology, with its vast array of music representing essential styles, genres, forms, procedures, and composers, is the music anthology of the future. Students will be able to make use of it for many different courses, and teachers will be able to vary their course content with ease from one semester to another."

—Michael Griffel, Music History Department Chair
The Juilliard School

"The A‑R Online Music Anthology has proven to be a rich and nimble resource of score and textual content for our students and faculty. Scores are clean and precise, consistent with A‑R's famously high editorial standards, and cover a wide swath of styles from ancient to contemporary. A further enhancement is the online textbook, with articles written by acknowledged scholars in clear and illuminating prose. Congratulations on this achievement."

—Kevin McLaughlin, Library Director
The Cleveland Institute of Music