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Pre-Set Courses

We now offer faculty Pre-Set Courses to use in your teaching. Instructors can select any of the six courses and use them right away or modify them.

To use this feature, log into the Online Anthology with your instructor logon, and click “My Courses” to find the Pre-Set Courses. You can change the course descriptions and also the contents of each course by adding, deleting, or moving the pieces in the Pre-Set Courses. (You must be a registered instructor to use the Pre-Set Courses.

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Choose from the following Pre-Set Courses:

Music History Music Theory
D01-Ancient and Medieval Music MT01-Form-Analysis: Medieval & Renaissance
D02-Renaissance Music MT02-Form-Analysis: Baroque
D03-Seventeenth-Century Music MT03-Form-Analysis: Classical
D04-Eighteenth-Century Music (Baroque) MT04-Form-Analysis: Romantic
D05-Eighteenth-Century Music (Classical) MT05-Form-Analysis: Early Modernism
D06-Romantic Music

The Pre-Set courses have music you can use right away in your teaching, like this one for the Renaissance:

Each Pre-Set music-history course includes a representative selection of music for your teaching, along with a survey article to use with your students. Newly written for the Online Music Anthology and peer-reviewed, each article offers an overview of the period that outlines its main features. In addition to the text, each article includes a focused bibliography of print and online references, as well as a list of essential musical works. Feel free to view the full set of articles at the music history online textbook landing page.

As a digital publication, the A-R Online Anthology is always available for you to adopt for your teaching. Instructors have free access, and if you have not yet registered as an instructor, you can subscribe here for a complimentary registration.

The Online Anthology offers easy access and flexibility, along with affordable pricing for your students. Take advantage of this wonderful new feature by using our Pre-Set Course Lists to build your courses! We look forward to you using the Online Anthology, and if you need to contact us for any reasons, please click here.