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Welcome to the A-R Music Anthology Workbooks

The A-R Music Anthology Workbooks are offered to instructors and their students . The workbooks are organized by style period and include the following elements:

Workbook Structure

  • Assigned Readings
    • Core Survey
    • Analytical Commentaries
    • Composer Biographies
  • Summary List
    • Genres to Understand
    • Music Terms to Understand
    • Names and Works to Remember
    • Main Concepts
  • Assigned Scores and Recordings
  • Exercises

Workbooks to Download

The currently available workbooks include:
The Middle Ages, Part 1: Monophonic Traditions
The Middle Ages, Part 2: Polyphonic Traditions
The Renaissance, Part 1: The Roots of Renaissance Music in the Fifteenth Century
The Renaissance, Part 2: Renaissance Music in the Sixteenth Century
The Classical Era, Part 1: 1750 to 1780
The Classical Era, Part 2: 1780 to 1820
The Nineteenth Century, Part 1: Romanticism
The Nineteenth Century, Part 2: Nationalism & Ideology
The Nineteenth Century, Part 3: Toward Modernism

More workbooks are in preparation, and will be available soon.

Contributors welcome! Contact Jonathan Rhodes Lee, if you would like more information about creating workbooks.