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Resources for Music Librarians and Music Faculty

Please use the following resources at our site to integrate the A-R Online Music Anthology into your program.

Main URL: https://www.armusicanthology.com/    
  This is the homepage for the A-R Online Anthology. Faculty may want to bookmark it.

For a free trial, contact James Zychowicz with the IP information you would like to use. You can also contact him regarding a site license to the A-R Online Music Anthology.

Instructor Registration: https://www.armusicanthology.com/SubscribeInstructor.asp    
  Free registration for instructors. Please know that instructors must register to be able to build courses, even when an institution has a site license.

Advanced Search: https://www.armusicanthology.com/AdvancedSearchMA.aspx    
  Use the advanced search to find information by a single parameter (like a genre) or multiple parameters (like a genre and a style period).

Pre-Set Courses: https://www.armusicanthology.com/PresetCourses.aspx    
  Registered instructors will find the pre-set course packs in their courses when they log into the site.  
Instructional Videos: Please consult our list of videos:
The videos currently cover the following topics:
An Introduction to the Online Anthology
New: Online Music History Text
How to Register as an Instructor
Search Strategies
How to Use Pre-Set Courses
How to Build Course Lists (Coursepacks)
How to Invite Students to Your Courses

Online Textbook: https://www.armusicanthology.com/HistoryResource.aspx    
  The Anthology includes a new, multi-author, peer-reviewed textbook consisting of more thand 50 articles (1100+ pages) in the following sections:
Survey Articles
Genres and Forms
Music Theory
Major Composers
Significant Works

Each article includes internal links, plus a focused bibliography of print and online materials with links to WorldCat to facilitate finding them.

Commentaries are planned for all the pieces, with many already online.

White Papers: Our white papers explore the benefits of online publishing:
Managing the transition from print to digital
Strategies for collaborating on revising articles for the Internet

VPAT: Institutional licensees and potential licensees are welcome to request our VPAT document.

SERU: The A-R Music Anthology is registered with SERU:
NISO SERU Registry

More Information: Feel free to download and share the following PDFs:
ARMA Brochure(download)

Questions/Contact: James L. Zychowicz