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Optimal Use of the A-R Online Music Anthology

We offer the following recommendations for using the Anthology:


Use your login whenever you use the site. In case your network or browser logs you out, it’s worth checking periodically. (If you find that just the first page of a multi-page piece displays, you probably need to log into the site or re-login.)


The site works in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. While views should be similar, printing can differ. The best results for printing are currently with Chrome. (Some may find images slightly reduced when printed from Firefox or Edge.)

Secure Site

The Anthology is safe, with a current, valid secure certificate. At times, though, browser updates cause warnings to appear. You can address those warnings by trusting the site, but if anything raises questions, contact us and, if possible, share screen shots.


Instructors can make their own digital course packs by using the course functionality that comes with the login. If you have special needs or want to discuss printing extensive coursepacks, contact us.

Site Licenses and Courses

If your institution has a site license, please contact us about a login and password we can create for your classes. We like to make it easier for you to use the Anthology for your music history and music theory courses.

Questions and Contact

If you have questions about the Anthology, please contact us by phone 608-203-2580 (direct) or 608-836-9000 (general number) or use email to contact us.