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What Kind of Computer Do I Need?
A-R’s Online Music Anthology is designed to work well on both PCs, and Macs, and i-devices.

What Kind of Browsers Should I Use?
While it may work on others, the Online Music Anthology has been tested on several current browsers:
On PCs:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

On Macs:

  • Safari
  • Note: The Online Music Anthology works in FireFox, but printing may be reduced in some configurations. If this occurs, please adjust your printer settings for optimal results.

    Do I Need Any Additional Software?
    You should not need any special software to use A-R’s Online Music Anthology. The site will recognize your device and platform.

    How Do I Subscribe?
    Click on the link to the Subscribe menu

    How Do I Pay for My Subscription?
    It is easy! You can pay online by credit card (MasterCard or VISA). Follow the prompts when you subscribe to the Online Music Anthology.

    What If I Want to Adopt the A-R Online Music Anthology for My Teaching?
    We would be delighted if you would adopt A-R’s Online Music Anthology for your classes. Please register as an instructor to have access to the full contents of the Anthology.

    Are Site Licenses Available?
    We now offer site licenses to A-R’s Online Music Anthology. Please contact us for details.

    How Can I Learn More?
    For more information, please read About the Anthology or the FAQs or the Contact Us